My essence

What is my essence? This word has manifested itself to me in a hole new way recently. It seems that my essence is covered with extra layers of stuff that doesn’t belong to me… I know, I put them there. My fault. They are like outgrowth. It looks to be part of my essence but actually it’s not. To find my essence, first I have to distinguish what’s not it. Time to work.






Brazil: the fire samurai

going to Brazil – first 24h

I just got back for Brazil a little more than a week ago… What to say… I think I’ll let the images speak for themselves.












connecting back

I just came back from a 3 week retreat in Brazil. I missed my close ones especially my daughter. What a treat to wander around without any goal just enjoying ourselves.













Last sunday in Verdun

We are fascinated with fire. We are drawn to it… watching a candle or a campfire… or a burning house. Strangely, it seems to brings us together. It makes us feel like one against that mysterious force of nature. Fortunately, this time it consumed only bricks and wood – march 16 2014

one hour with Bram Levinson

One thing I am pushing this year is Photography. Since I took that stand, ideas has emerged. One of these ideas is to use photography to connect and get to know people who inspire me. I am blessed to know many inspiring people in my social echo system and this project is exciting for me because it’s not just about photography, it’s also about knowing amazing people and share that experience with you!

Who’s Bram? If you don’t know him yet, he is a yoga teacher, writer, mentor and lecturer. His yoga teachings are beyond the fitness aspect of yoga… They touch the soul and you get out of the class with an open heart and the desire to be a better person… and you are. More recently he released his first book called The “Examined Life”

His website:
His book:
Luna yoga:

I contacted Bram to ask him for this shoot and he said yes right away. I was very pleased by his generosity and simplicity. We arranged the shoot to be at Luna Yoga just after a saturday morning class. When everybody left, we went back inside the class and talked a little but also just stayed there, feeling the energy that was still present
Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

He used to be store manager at Urban Outfitters. One day, he quit because he was tired of “selling shit to people who didn’t need it”
Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

His dream was to become a yoga teacher and to connect people
Bram Levinson

So he started as a yoga teacher and then became a writer, mentor and a lecturer. More recently he released his first book called The Examined Life
Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson

At one point I asked Bram if wanted to do a yoga pose, not necessary spectacular one but a pose that he really liked
Bram Levinson

Spending one our with Bram was a delight. I left happy and energized
Bram Levinson

Many thanks to Bram for your time and insights and also thanks to Luna Yoga for letting use the space for this project

Francois Lebaron at Igloofest – Photo documentary

Lately, I have been enjoying more and more the documentary aspect of photography. Being there at the right moment. Capturing something that’s worth showing. I get all excited when I get to snap that magic instant and freezing it in time. I realize that I am stimulated and inspired by improvisation. Feeling the vibration, anticipating, putting myself at the right place just before it happens. I am fascinated with people, characters. If I could, I would observe people for a living. Maybe I can… With my camera? Work in progress (WIP)

I have known Francois for about 12 years now. In my DJ days, we where playing a lot together. We also had residencies together in Montreal in big venues like Unity, Circus and Stereo. Since I’ve retired from the scene in 2007, François hasn’t stopped to rock the crowds in Montreal. His love and dedication to music that has soul makes him one of the best DJs I know. I am very proud to be part of his friends.

Listen to Francois’s music and mixes here
Chceck out Igloofest’s website here

This was taken at the entrance while waiting for Marie-Laure.

We spent some time backstage waiting to start.

In the DJ booth. Setting up the last details.

Here we go!

Right after the end, I went to the main stage and found my friend Mateo.

Here we can see Adam Beyer at the end of his set. The place was packed!


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